Who We are?

COLAB, is a design collaborative between Conception and artists and designers both local and international who are ready to create and embrace new design concepts and are eager to make them a reality. 

COLAB provides a space for people with different expertise, from architecture to art, to fashion to product engineering as well as many others to join forces and bring these new ideas to life. In other words it is a collaborative ‘concept lab’, a place to observe, investigate, experiment, and ultimately design and manufacture through collaborations with all the best the design world has to offer. 

COLAB aims to create a platform for all aspects of design to come together, to conceive, create, collaborate and communicate, and showcase new ideas. To do thisCOLAB will approach leading, up and coming as well as obscure members of the design scene and invite them to present their ideas, display their products, discuss potential projects, work with Conception and other collaborators to move forward and make these concepts a reality. 

COLAB will hold regular seminars, workshops, exhibitions and Pecha Kucha to reach out to designers as well as members of the public who are interested in discovering what is new and ready to be uncovered.

What we do ?

Design Services

COLAB offers a wide range of design services, from the early conceptual design stages through to implementation and execution. COLAB's vibrant and skilled team of architects and designers, lead by chief designer Mohamed Oraby, bring innovation and style to each project whilst provide the highest quality and design to the client. Every project is fully tailored to its client's needs, be it commercial or residential. Within a commercial setting, COLAB provides a fully integrated design solution, incorporating elements such as marketing needs, logo implementation and other aspects. Within a residential setting, Oraby brings a unique twist to the market, with a strong base, starting off very early on with his father at Conception, followed by his studies at the prestigious Domus Academy in Milan focused on "living design" with a subsequent ten years of experience on residential projects all over Egypt.


Located in the cultural heart of Cairo, in Zamalek, just around the corner from the Umm Kulthum statue and within minutes of the Faculty of Fine Arts, APARTMENT 7, provides an exquisite setting for creatives to meet. The space lives and breathes design with ambient lighting, a series of crisp white walls to exhibit on, and backed by a dedicated team of architects and designers.
APARTMENT 7 is an enviable space to hold exhibitions and events.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and exhibitions !

Artist promotion

COLAB brings together a variety of creative individuals from all aspects of the design world from art and architecture, fashion and music, interior and product design and many more to embrace the latests design concepts and bring them to life. COLAB's aim is to showcase these up and coming artists and bring them to a wider audience. Check out of first event: 'Then and Now, a tale of two artists' journey's through South America'.
Want to showcase your art? Colaborate with us!

Events @ Apartment 7

Meet the team

Meet our Collaborators

Are you an artist, architect, fashion designer, product designer, environmentalist, journalist? Wanna get your ideas and products out there? CoLab-borate with us!


Address: 3 Ibn El Nabih Street
1st Floor, Apartment 7
Zamalek, Egypt


Phone: +20 2 2737 2472

Mobile: +2 0111 1488 899


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